Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2019 Smart Energy Great Britain Businessman Bystander Hill & Knowlton Strategies
2019 The Westin Hotel Promotional Video Husband Media Milk
2019 Winifred Meeks Edward Adley October Eleven Pictures
2018 Untitled Bruce Goodison Project Kevin Lennon Indefinite Films
2018 The Green Sea Pence Zanzibar Films
2017 Torment The Plastic Man October Eleven Pictures
2016 1916: Brought Back To Life Patrick Pearse Monaghan Town Council
2016 GPO Witness History Exhibition Joseph Plunkett / Major Ivor Price Martello Media Ltd
2016 The 12 Slays Of Christmas Mr Goode Body Bag Films
2016 Grindsploitation Terence Lee Hall Body Bag Films
2016 Don't You Recognise Me? Daz & Damo Gallagher October Eleven Pictures
2016 Urban Traffik Tommy Byrne October Eleven Pictures
2016 The Ecstasy Of Isabel Mann The Vampire Acacius October Eleven Pictures
2015 Costcutters Man The Courtyard Studio
2014 How Powerful Is Your Dream? Jeff Birbl
2014 How Powerful Is Your Dream? Narrator Birbl
2014 HP Connect Fran Creative Productions
2013 Children Of A Darker Dawn / Railway Children Jack Purcell October Eleven Pictures
2013 The Wake Dominic O'Sullivan October Eleven Pictures
2013 A Walk In The Woods Joe Disney October Eleven Pictures
2012 Connection Rob Marshall Zoology Films
2012 DysFunctional Fitness Stefan Archer Dunsany Productions
2011 Deadly Motive Frank Harris S.A. Productions
2011 The Damage Is Done Newscaster S.A. Productions
2011 Time And The Conways Robin Conway In-House Productions
2010 Animal Farm Boxer Irish Film Academy
2010 Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? George Irish Film Academy
2010 The Fen Axel Talk Show Gary Jack Rick Alancroft Productions
2009 Hard To Reach Paul White The Fostering Network
2008 Martina Cole's LadyKillers Arthur Palmer ITV/Free@lastTV
2008 Meteor Ireland Standby Actor Meteor/Publicis
2008 Touch Robert Bailey Team Angelica
2007 The Detective Vincent Emerald Movies Limited
2006 The Runner Jim Caught In The Act
2006 Four Of A Kind Sam Sond Productions
2006 The Da Vinci Code Crusader Columbia Pictures
2006 Oh Marie Photographer Agile Films/ Ladyfuzz
2006 A New Life With Maurice 13 Maurice Metropolitan Film School
2005 Love and Butter Count Dracula Meow Productions
2005 Speechless Ethan Speechless Productions
2005 Amber Street Mike Larry Farad Productions
2005 There's Something About Mary Ted Metropolitan Film School
2005 Thelma and Louise Daryl Metropolitan Film School
2005 Where Am I? Man Metropolitan Film School
2004 The Window Athlete USC productions
2004 Two Queens and a Cottage Jim Dorothy Productions
2004 The Usual Suspects Captain Jeff Rabin 2 Way Mirror Film & Theatre
2003 The Magic Castle Horatio Slug Chaplins
2003 The Conversation Game Graham Norton Cragrats
2003 Ova Ivan Urquart Flatters Productions
2002 Ghost of Eden Adam 2 Way Mirror Film & Theatre
1999 The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax CIA Agent Corymore Productions